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  • BMW-800GT
  • BMW-800GT
  • BMW-800GT
  • BMW-800GT
  • Driver's minimum age : 2 years


Discover the BMW F800 GT


No doubt about it, this light and elegant road will bring you complete satisfaction and provide you with incomparable driving sensations! This is due in particular to its better calibrated suspensions, which improve the stability of the motorcycle as well as to the implementation of different driving modes adapted to both road driving on a daily basis ("Road" mode) and more delicate situation ("Rain" mode).

  With its new dynamic and sporty design, its 800cc in-line twin-cylinder engine with a rated power of 90 horsepower and meeting the new EU4 standard, its impressive stainless steel rear silencer, its insulated handlebar against vibrations, and its electronic ride-by-wire accelerator, the BMW F800 GT offers both powerful and quiet driving.


  Particularly comfortable, this touring motorcycle is equipped with various wind and weather protection as well as ABS and ASC (traction control) disconnectable, to allow you to ride safely, and this under any what a climate!



Rent a BMW F800 GT with Universal Riders


The rental of BMW F800 GT at a reasonable price? It's easy with Universal Riders and our secure online booking platform!

A few clicks are enough to enter your rental dates and choose your departure and return agencies. These can of course be different from each other, if you opt for a bike rental one-way.

 Choose your options and confirm your reservation. On D-Day, all you need to do is introduce yourself to the agency: our teams will help you take control of your all-new F800 GT and you'll just have to go on an adventure for a day, a weekend or even Several weeks.

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