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Self Guided Tour

Explore beautiful Corsica

€700.00 / pers
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  • Duration 7 days / 6 nights

  • Level Intermediate

  • Distance 900 km

  • Season Spring, Summer, Fall

  • Temperatures 9 °C / 30 °C

About this tour

Corsica is one of the most beautiful places you might be able to visit on one of our motorcycles.

Nicknamed the “Isle of Beauty”, Corsica is a natural wonder, where snow-capped mountains hover over turquoise waters, surrounded by marine sanctuaries. And let’s not forget its road network, making it a true motorcyclist’s paradise !

Use caution, however, in the many twists and turns, animals, natural treasures or people that can appear out of nowhere at any time. No need to rush, take your time wandering in the beautiful Corsican landscape, its perched villages, unforgettable views and picture-perfect beaches.

Corsica is also a fascinating place for its gastronomy, centered around fresh sea and mountain products. You will love discovering the unique flavors of a generous and authentic cuisine.

If you enjoy riding motorcycles, nature and good food, this island and its residents will offer you one of your most memorable trips. Open your eyes wide and choose this 7-day motorcycle tour through Corsica with Universal Riders.

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  • Day 1
    Departure from Marseille (30 km - 19 miles)
    Departure from Marseille (30 km - 19 miles)

    This self-guided tour through Corsica begins in Marseille. Come and meet us in our Marseille Universal Riders agency to finalize your rental contract and get introduced to your new ride.​

    If you plan on arriving in Marseille by train or plane, a free shuttle service can come and pick you up to take you to the agency.​

    We will then review the trip details and you will be able to visit the city of Marseille.

    Finally, you will board the ferry to Ajaccio and leave for Corsica at the end of the day.

    Night on ferry.

  • Day 2
    Ajaccio – Bonifacio (150 km - 93 miles)
    Ajaccio – Bonifacio (150 km - 93 miles)

    As soon as you have disembarked, you will head towards Propriano and Sartène, via the winding D55 et D155 roads.

    After a lunch break on the beach, and probably a well-deserved swim in the Mediterranean sea, you will follow the road T40, which winds throughout the wild bush and the mangled coast line of Southern Corsica.

    This first leg of the trip will end in Bonifacio, in the middle of the afternoon, where you will then have the opportunity to visit this picturesque town, located at the Southern tip of the island.​

    Night in Bonifacio.

  • Day 3
    Bonifacio – Ajaccio (170 km - 106 miles)
    Bonifacio – Ajaccio (170 km - 106 miles)

    After a traditional breakfast, you will have a few kilometers of straight road to warm you and your motorcycle up. Once you reach Porto Vecchio, the road will become much more sinuous.

    After crossing the mysterious Bavella forest, full of fresh pine, cedar and chestnut scents, you will stop around noon at L’Ospedale, the highest village in Southern Corsica.

    The couple thousand turns of these small inner roads will then lead you to the West Coast and Ajaccio, where you will stop for a well deserved rest.

    Night in Ajaccio.

  • Day 4
    Ajaccio – Bastia (190 km - 118 miles)
    Ajaccio – Bastia (190 km - 118 miles)

    You will head towards the center of the island and the beautiful city of Corte in the morning. You will, then, have the opportunity to visit the old citadel, perched on top of a rocky promontory, in the center of town, overlooking 3 rivers: Tavignana, Orta and Restonica.

    Later in the morning, you will discover the “Gorges de la Restonica”, a Canyon where you will enjoy a local lunch and taste of local produces.

    From a road surrounded by perched villages, you will then reach Bastia at the end of the afternoon. Founded by the Genoese in 138 A.D., this city is full of magnificent treasures that you will discover during an unforgettable walk.

    Night in Bastia.

  • Day 5
    Bastia – Calvi (190 km - 118 miles)
    Bastia – Calvi (190 km - 118 miles)

    Cap Corse is truly a place one must absolutely visit when on the Isle of Beauty. This narrow 15 km-wide piece of land is like a graceful finger pointing to the Mediterranean sea.​

    You will be covering no less than 62 miles (100 km) of ledges and coastal roads this morning, before reaching Saint Florent, a very popular seaside resort where you will have lunch.

    You will then head towards Calvi, via the notorious landscapes of the Désert des Agriates.

    A short stop in Île-Rousse will allow you to discover the "Île de la Pietra" (Pieta Island) and the ruins of its Genoese tower.

    You will be less than 30 km (19 miles) away from Calvi and can use the last hours of the day to discover the citadel and historical center of the city.

    Night in Calvi.​

  • Day 6
    Calvi – Ajaccio (170 km - 106 miles)
    Calvi – Ajaccio (170 km - 106 miles)

    This last day of driving will be one to remember on the D81 road, which can easily compete with Australia’s "Great Ocean Road" or the Pacific Coast connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles.

    Before lunch, you will arrive in Porto, where you may want to embark on a speed boat to visit the Piana coves, listed by Unesco as a world heritage site. You will then probably love to enjoy one last swim in the crystal clear waters.

    One last dose of twists and turns and majestic views will lead you to Ajaccio, where you will then embark for Marseille at the end of the day.​

    Night on ferry.

  • Day 7
    Return to Marseille (30 km - 19 miles)
    Return to Marseille (30 km - 19 miles)

    After getting off the ferry, you will go directly to our Marseille Universal Riders agency to return your motorcycle and end the rental.

    If you have not yet had the opportunity to discover Marseille, you can then take a few hours to wander around the Mediterranean city at your leisure before the free shuttle service takes you back to the train station or airport.

    Haven’t had enough motorcycle time? You may extend your motorcycle rental and continue on through the Alps or towards Bordeaux and Brittany, thanks to our one-way motorcycle rental options.

The offer includes

  • Free shuttle service between the hotel, airport, or train station and our rental location (max. 25 kms)
  • Motorcycle rental (departure from 2:00pm on the first day, return before 12:00pm on the last day)
  • 1 GPS system, with the entire tour already uploaded
  • 1 printed roadbook with suggestions (about remarkable and historic sites, restaurants, cultural spots, etc.)
  • 1 comprehensive insurance with "BRONZE" coverage
  • 1 security cable
  • Roadside assistance in case of flat tire, breakdown or accident (roadside repairs and towing of the motorbike)
  • 2 nights on the ferry : Marseille-Ajaccio and Ajaccio-Marseille (in private cabins)

The offer does not include

  • Accommodation (optional add-on)
  • Comprehensive insurance with "GOLD" coverage (optional add-on)
  • Cancellation insurance (optional add-on)
  • Additional rental options such as additional luggage for the motorbike, jacket... (optional add-on)
  • Accessories non included in the contract
  • Fuel
  • Tolls
  • Plane or train tickets
  • Meals and drinks (lunch and dinner)
  • Extra hotel fees (telephone, laundry, etc.)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Individual activities
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