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Universal Riders's story

How Universal Riders was created

Our story began whith two frenchies both in love with motorcycles and roadtrips.

Whilst travelling on the American soil on two beautiful rented motorcycles, Sophie and jean-Claude where accumulating the miles tasting the unstoppable feeling of freedom.

After hours spent riding their bikes, time has come for a deserved brake in a restaurant. Certainly because of the French flags hanging behind the bikes, two other bikers came to have a chat.

Rapidly, the discussion goes on about motorcycles, travelling, France...And then, one of the bikers says "You are lucky, you fancy visiting our country on a bike, you find one to rent easily. When we come to France or Europe, we can't find any."

Universal Riders became an idea, and then the project was born.

Sophie Facques's testimonial (Universal Riders co-founder)

" At the age of 16, I bought my first motorcycle. It was for me an extraordinary experience. A motorcycle was way more than transport, it was a freedom and an independance symbol.

The Universal Riders concept is to share this passion, motorcycle passion, all around the world. Since decades, North America is welcoming bikers from all around the world. It's easy to rent a nice Harley and roam allong the mythical Route 66, unfortunatly, in Europe, it was not the case.

France and Europe offers a dense variety of beautiful sceneries and landscapes, so why not give the opportunity to the American, the Bresilian, the Argentine or simply the French biker to discover these gems by renting a motorcycle?"


Created in 2003, the company AIXIA SAS offers, with the brand Universal Riders, a service specialized in high-end motorcycle rental and tours.

Nowadays, Universal Riders has a great motorcycle fleet of 250+ motorcycles, distributed in all of our agencies in France and Europe.

This network of agencies allows us to propose one-way rental service. You can rent a motorcycle from an agency, travel through Europe and drop it to another one of our agencies.

We also created tours around France and Europe, you can discover them on this website.

On demand, we can also deliver our motorcycles wherever you want.

Universal Riders